Editorial Guide

Mission Statement

The mission of Tourism Nazare is to provide accurate and engaging information to tourists about the town of Nazare and Portugal at large. Our content aims to enhance the travel experience by offering insightful details that help travelers make informed decisions about their visits.

Target Audience

Our primary audience is international travelers seeking information about Nazare and Portugal. These are individuals looking for unique travel destinations, cultural experiences, and practical information about accommodations, dining, and activities in the region.

Voice and Tone

Our content should always be friendly and informative. We aim to be approachable and helpful, offering our readers content that is easy to understand and engaging. While maintaining professionalism, our tone should also convey enthusiasm for travel and discovery.

Editorial Values

  • Accuracy: Ensure all information is factual and up-to-date, regularly reviewing and revising content to maintain its reliability.
  • Respect for Local Culture: Promote an understanding and appreciation of the local culture and traditions without bias or stereotype.
  • Sustainable Tourism: Encourage practices that contribute to sustainable tourism, including respect for local environments and communities.

Content Categories

  • Blog Posts: Regular updates that include travel tips, cultural insights, and personal stories from locals and travelers.
  • Information about Nazare and Portugal: Detailed guides on the history, geography, and cultural significance of locations.
  • What to See: Highlight must-visit attractions, hidden gems, and seasonal events.
  • Where to Eat: Recommendations for dining options ranging from street food to gourmet restaurants, emphasizing local cuisine.
  • Where to Stay: Advice on accommodation for various budgets and preferences, including hotels, hostels, and local guesthouses.

Style Guide

  • Grammar and Punctuation: Follow the Oxford style guide for consistency.
  • Spelling: Use British English as the standard.
  • Formatting: Use clear, readable fonts and consistent header sizing for ease of reading. Images should be high-quality and captioned accurately.
  • Multimedia: Prioritize original photographs and videos that showcase the vibrancy and authenticity of experiences in Nazare.

SEO Best Practices

  • Keywords: Incorporate relevant keywords naturally into headings, subheadings, and throughout the article text.
  • Meta Descriptions: Write compelling meta descriptions with keywords that summarize the content of each page.
  • Alt Text: Use descriptive alt text for images, enhancing accessibility and SEO.

Submission and Editorial Process

  • Content Proposal: Contributors submit article ideas to the editorial team via email for approval.
  • Review Process: Submitted articles undergo a two-stage review for content accuracy, adherence to style, and SEO optimization.
  • Revisions: Feedback is provided with suggestions for improvements if necessary, and contributors are expected to revise their submissions accordingly.
  • Approval and Publication: Final approval is given by the editor-in-chief, after which the content is scheduled for publication.

Legal and Ethical Guidelines

  • Copyright Compliance: Only use copyright-free or properly licensed images and text.
  • Privacy Adherence: Ensure all content respects the privacy of individuals and adheres to GDPR guidelines.
  • Disclosure of Partnerships: Clearly disclose any sponsored content or partnerships in a transparent manner.

Review and Update Policy

The editorial guide will be reviewed annually, or as needed, to ensure it continues to meet the standards and needs of Tourism Nazare. Updates will be managed by the editorial board, with input from all contributors.

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